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It is monitored full time with a compassionate...diligent and caring staff.Chat rules are stated clearly and accomplish their intention of keeping kids safe without being over bearing to the point of stifling creativity.The My Space game had announced that the game would not be over until every teenager had become an hero.My Space's "mission statement" was to function as a "meat market" for registered sex offenders to search for secretly fat 16 year old girls and camwhores who take it in the ass (once again, Encyclopedia Dramatica knew this fact months before it hit the wire).Serving as a hybrid of Friendster and Live Journal, My Space (Pronounced: Mee-Spah-Tszche) initially invented for pedophiles, is now an all but forgotten ruin, that used to provide attention whores across the internets with twice the ability for tasteless self-promotion.My Space was also a haven for middle-class suburban emo teenagers to whine and moan about how their lives are so "tough", even though they probably never got one in the face.

Kidzworld Kidzworld is a super online entertainment portal for kids 9 to 14 that believes in placing safety first.

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