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However, if I go view the List Box, updates seem to stop at that point. The problem is not in the XAML that you have provided.I can then remove an item from the m_Variable List collection, and it does not disappear from the List Box. I used the same XAML successfully in a test application; however, I was able to replicate the issue you are experiencing by re-instantiating the m_Variable List variable.When I then turn it off and on using the remote, it boots up fine, but the You View button does not work so i cannot watch recordings (the other buttons work, i can change channels and view the guide, just nothing using the blue button). So i started the device in maintenance mode, and tried to download software from internet and save recordings, tried multiple times and failed every time - It downloads, then starts to process the software but fails. You don't say whether the box is retail or supplied by BT, nor how old it is.So I did a factory reset, after starting up and going through the setup, I tried a manual software update, it gets further after the factory reset in that it goes through the process of downloading with the progress bar etc. My IT skills are excellent, my box has a wired connection and the internet connection is excellent, so I am confident that there are no internet issues on the box (iplayer etc. Please can someone tell me how I can try to fix these issues, and if they cannot be resolved, who should I contact???? If retail you should contact the seller, if BT contact them. I can't help on where you might find the software to put on a USB stick.

But if things are otherwise, ringing the You View helpline is what I would advocate. They sent an engineer next day (Saturday) who confirmed it was a software issue with the box and it needed to be replaced.

When the m_Variable List is given a new instance, or pointed to a new object, it is not reflected in the List Box because the control has its own reference to the data.

This may not be the cause of your problem, but I'd recommend looking over your code-behind to ensure that the variable is not getting re-instantiated.

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Restarting your device can resolve many issues—just disconnect the power cord (from the back of the device or from the power outlet), and then plug it back in.

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