Thermoluminescence dating sediments

(2014) Shifting perspectives on coastal impacts and adaptation. (2008) Decadal-scale variation in dune erosion and accretion rates: an investigation of the significance of changing storm tide frequency and magnitude on the Sefton coast, UK.

There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly. (2006) Forensic comparison of soil samples: assessment of small-scale spatial variability in elemental composition, carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios, colour, and particle size distribution. (2006) Particle size distribution analysis of sand-sized particles by laser diffraction: an experimental investigation of instrument sensitivity and the effects of particle shape. Palynology was developed by Swedish botanist Lennart von Post. Pollen grains are produced in vast quantities by all plants, especially the wind-pollinated tree species.The outer skin (exine) of these grains is remarkably resistant to decay, and on wet ground or on a buried surface, it will be preserved, locked in the humus content.

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