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The writing and reading of a eulogy is, above all, the simple and elegant search for small truths.

Whether she breathes right or projects well I do not know, but her voice cuts the murmuring clatter of forks against small plates, ice spun in highballs. Until the last hand, her voice sounds, as always, like she just woke up, wary, but delighted by the game she's about to play."To recap, Scar Jo, when you read this, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that your interviewer felt you had nothing of importance to say but that it’s okay because you sound like you’ve just woken up in his cribbage and want to play a game with your hands.

Outside: light in the leaves, pretty nurses across the street, some old dude walking a French bulldog on a piece of spare clothesline. “Tracy changed my life with his work.” So when the waiter rambles a bit about the struggles of finding acting gigs, Shannon punctuates the kid’s woes with “yeahs” and “yups,” because he’s been there.

But it’s Sunday past noon, a sunny day on Wells Street at the front end of the warm season. He went on to work with Steppenwolf’s Letts, who wrote both of which featured Shannon in their initial productions in Chicago and, later, in London and New York.

Always try to share examples of the statements you make about your loved one.

If you want to say, "she was generous with her time," tell a story that supports the statement.3. After all, this isn't a eulogy for you; keep your writing focused on your loved one. Take some time away from the writing desk to get perspective and release stress or sorrow.7. This is the time to refine the eulogy into its final form.8.

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And that’s not even the most interesting stuff we discovered about Canada’s dreamiest movie star (sorry Ryan Reynolds). Though Gosling says “I went through puberty in a theme park,” referring to his time spent as a Mouseketeer at Orlando’s Disney World, both he and Chiarella neglect to mention the show all Canadians under 30 first saw Gosling on: Is there a rider in his contract somewhere that says the subject is verboten or something? If Gosling were one of Canada’s other top exports—Drake or Justin Bieber—we somehow doubt they’d have the same identification issues (but really, Paul Bettany? If Gosling ever decides to give up the acting game, he could make one hell of a Grade 2 art teacher.

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