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But one dating app is attempting to combat this, by introducing a filter that prevents users from sending nude pictures – so, even if you end up really liking each other and fancy taking the conversation to the next level, you’re going to have to do that in the privacy of your own text messages.Dating app Trueview has included a unique nudity filter in their new app launch that prevents users from uploading or sending inappropriate pics to other users or to their own profiles.We don’t want to take the fun out of dating, just bring some decorum back!Once users are chatting through private messages, it is up to them what they send, of course.’ Alongside the prevention of nude photos, the app is also attempting to stop people from embellishing on their profiles.Then there’s the horror of being rejected - and yes, you will be rejected unless you leap undiscerning into the first online contact who shows any interest, which means you’ll probably fail at love just as badly.And then there’s the fact that when you come to meet up with the Wondrous One you’ve been emailing for the last fortnight, there’s statistically a much more than even chance that you’ll just take one look at each other and feel your heart sink.“We work hard but enjoy socializing together, too,” he said.

) dating app that puts common interests first, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Then it’s back to Trueview…Which brings us neatly to B) - that internet dating as a system is still an unknown quantity for most of us.

So that most of us - that means you and all your potential Wondrous Ones - are still learning how to drive the system.

True View Dating App is new, fun and the 100% free social network for dating.

This award winning app built in London helps you meet new single men and women who match the way you live your life.

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Every photo uploaded to the website is pushed through a filter that detects both face and nudity.

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