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At their five-year review conference in Geneva, the 123 nations that are part of the international Convention on Conventional Weapons, agreed to formalize their efforts next year to deal with the challenges raised by weapons systems that would select and attack targets without meaningful human control.

As artificial intelligence advances, the possibility that machines could independently select and fire on targets is fast approaching.

C., April 10, 2017— The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced enforcement actions against 27 individuals and entities behind various alleged stock promotion schemes that left investors with the impression they were reading independent, unbiased analyses on investing websites while writers were being secretly compensated for touting company stocks.

(Source: SEC press release) We find it particularly strange and concerning that the promoter says at one point that the piece is not paid ...

His aspirations began to crumble near the end of senior year when Stanford's intellect attracted the interest of West Coast Tech (a prestigious college on the other side of the country), which meant he'd move away from him, and with Carla ending their relationship over her infatuation with hippie musician Thistle Downe.

Stan would later confess to having driven Downe's van into a ravine in an act of revenge, which only served to further alienate Carla from him.

, and constructing their ship Stanowar with Ford, as they hoped to fulfill their childhood dreams of sailing around the world searching for adventure.

Allowing them to determine when to use force would undermine human dignity.

These Foster-Miller TALON SWORDS units (pictured) are equipped with various weaponry, but such systems - if made autonomous - could revolt and engage incorrect targets, say experts The report by Human Rights Watch and the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic was released as the United Nations kicked off a week-long meeting on such weapons in Geneva.

Fully autonomous weapons, also known as 'killer robots,' are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction( like the plot of Terminator) toward reality 'No accountability means no deterrence of future crimes, no retribution for victims, no social condemnation of the responsible party,' said Bonnie Docherty, senior Arms Division researcher at the HRW and the report's lead author.'The governments meeting in Geneva took an important step toward stemming the development of killer robots, but there is no time to lose' said Steve Goose, arms director of Human Rights Watch, a co-founder of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

At the Fifth Review Conference of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, countries around the world agreed to begin the formal discussions—which will take place for two weeks at the 2017 UN convention in Geneva—on a possible ban of lethal, autonomous weapons.

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