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Vuze bit Torrent client is a mature piece of software with killer features (unfortunately it’s written in java -and i hate java btw : D ) ! 3D View of swarm Advanced statistics: If you wanna do it like a pro : P Vuze backup configuration: Let’s you backup your vuze client config.Chat: You can create one discussion channel per torrent.Vuze Bit Torrent client (previously Azureus) has recently reached the 5.7.3 release with many new features, UI improvements, and some bug-fixes.While Ubuntu 16.04 offers only Vuze 5.7.2 through a snap package in Ubuntu Software, here’s how you can install the 5.7.3 release via the traditional package.So, either I am stupid and it is downloading like a million updates all individually for some dumb reason, or something is broken. Real solution: Ubuntu should update Vuze in it's repositories.Possible workaround: Maybe there's an option in Vuze to NOT check for an update? My own workaround: With Firefox, I downloaded the newest Vuze, installed it in my ~/vuze, and now run that version.

And it is my second favorite bit torrent client(after Deluge).Applications for Ubuntu/Linux are not at all in short supply.But picking the best from the rest is not an easy thing to do.Deluge is not available in Ubuntu by default, but its in the repositories.Transmission Bit Torrent Client As you all should know already, Transmission is the default bit torrent client in Ubuntu for a long time now.

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There are a number of really good bit torrent clients for Ubuntu out there.

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