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These are the same drivers from Samsung’s support website.Android is based on Linux and comes locked with only standard user access given to its user.Root access – also known as Superuser access – is the access level on Linux-based devices that lets their users perform administrative tasks including writing to the system partition, installing Linux binaries and scripts at the core level, modifying protected system files and changing their permissions, and using several apps that require such privileges that aren’t possible without root access.We have been covering rooting procedures for several Android devices in the past and in this post, we aim to bring them all together.If you need to root your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will need these Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Windows drivers.

The Android development world is no exception to this rule, and among the many new words that keep sprouting, one confusing term is S-OFF/S-ON.While rooting gives you access to the system files that lay hidden otherwise and authority to modify and overwrite them, a custom recovery is the very tool that pushes third-party files into your device.It is this face of Android and the freedom it bestows upon us that we love most!Generally, these terms are applied to HTC’s Android phones, particularly the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G.In this article, we’ll explore this term and its implications, as well as touch base on how you can achieve it.

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