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The related data available in Bugzilla reports will be added to the description of the task.For an exhaustive list of changes, check the Bugzilla_data_migrated table below. Phabricator doesn't have votes, although it has tokens and flags that you can add to tasks (flags could be seen as bookmarks; you can see all items that you have flagged).To see if your bug has already been reported, you can search Bugzilla.If it has not yet been reported, we encourage you to do so to help improve Fedora for yourself and others.This tutorial will also demonstrate how to register and use an external issue tracker in the IDE.Watch the Video of Using Integrated Issue Tracking in Net Beans IDE. This tutorial requires the Subversion version control system.Not every bug is listed in this page, but Bugzilla should be a comprehensive database of known bugs.

After you open the project, you will see how to view the project issues, report a new issue, apply a patch file attached to an issue and resolve an issue when you commit the changes.Status/resolution will not be updated until commit() is called.The following are valid options (case-insensitive): assigned fixed invalid wontfix later remind worksforme reopen verified closed There may well be bugs in this module. In addition, this module does not support ALL of Bugzilla's features.The sources for the Anagram Game sample project exists as a Net Beans project in a Subversion repository and there is a Bugzilla issue tracker for the project.The tasks demonstrated in this tutorial can be used with any supported issue tracker (Bugzilla, JIRA) and version control system (Subversion, Mercurial).

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For all these reasons, the data available in Phabricator will not be exactly the same than in Bugzilla, although we have put a lot of effort keeping everything that matters.

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