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If you use a Microsoft Exchange account, your Global Address List can contain global distribution lists, which are available to everyone who uses that network.

The personal distribution lists that you create in your Contacts folder are available only to you, but you can share them by sending them to others.

If you need multiple identifiers, you need to use the Import page.

Use a contact group (formerly called a “distribution list”) to send an email to multiple people—a project team, a committee, or even just a group of friends—without having to add each name each time you want to write them.

As such, contact lists are shared separately from surveys (so if you a share a survey, you’re not automatically sharing any lists).

When you first enter the Contacts section, you will see lists in the My Contacts view. In addition to My Contacts, many organizations choose to set up User Groups to facilitate content sharing.

These contact lists are sometimes referred to as panels, and can be created in house or purchased from a panel provider.

You can use contact lists to easily distribute surveys to all listed individuals (known as contacts), to apply authentication requirements to surveys, and to store information about particular contacts (either to use directly in surveys or later in data analysis).

Distribution lists are stored by default in your Contacts folder.

Once you have created your contact list, you may need to manage or edit the contact list members.

You can perform actions such as updating, deleting, and exporting lists from within the Contact Management page.

For each Group you are a member of, you will see an associated Group Contact Lists view where you can access lists shared by all Group members.

Whether you are looking to create an email list for future survey distributions or need to update your contacts, Contact List Triggers can help you do it all automatically.

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