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The biggest shift: Florida, the nation's largest swing state, is now light blue, as we've moved it from the battleground category to a Democratic lean.

In all, our map shows Clinton ahead in states with 308 electoral votes -- 38 more than the 270 needed to win the presidency. Five states, with 56 electoral votes, are toss-ups.

Want these election updates emailed to you right when they’re published? We’ll take this opportunity to pause for breath — there have been surprisingly few polls released so far today — and regain perspective on the presidential campaign. 16, in case you want to see how smart or stupid our thinking was at various points of the campaign.

So grab a seat on the couch and call Bobby and Mabel in from the yard: It’s time for 10 questions about where where the race stands. Hillary Clinton is ahead in most national polls, as you can find every number from a 1-percentage-point Clinton lead to a 6-point lead in recent national surveys.

The first phase of the panchayat polls was held on February 13.

The voting was conducted at 18,581 wards of 1,386 panchayats in the second phase.

The poll witnessed about 71 per cent voter turnout across the state in the first phase of panchayat polls.

And we’re certainly a week or two removed from the period when every poll brought good news for Clinton: Plenty of polls now show negative trend lines for her (in addition to others that show a positive trend).She has led in nine of the last 10 public polls, and her lead appears to be growing.On average, she's now ahead by about four points in polling averages of the state. As we've previously noted, Mormon antipathy to Trump has contributed to making Arizona a battleground state. Clinton isn't likely to win Utah -- no Democrat has in a presidential race since 1964.One could argue about whether Clinton’s still ahead in the Electoral College, however.New Hampshire, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and the 2nd Congressional District of Maine are all extremely competitive in recent polls.

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The Odisha Panchayat election results 2017 will be declared by the Election Commission on February 25.

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