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Presto Station gives users a simplified, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use experience for secure release pull printing.

We use (and create) the latest technology to enable the simplest, most intuitive experience for users.

The advantage of mess routers is that they're not designed to be single, solitary, stand-alone points of access. Instead of getting one and then, if you really need another, having to channel your inner IT admin to create a bridge or dual access points, you can simply add another mesh router to your system, tap or click a few buttons, and your network gets bigger and better. And it's no longer the best experience for Apple's customers. Presto includes mobile printing, Windows and Mac print drivers for centralized pull printing, secure release, and the extensibility and integrations you need. Whether a guest is printing one time or you have a student filled campus printing every day, Presto has robust solutions for your BYOD requirements. Compare to traditional embedded solutions that can take 30 to 60 minutes per printer. Your environment may demand aesthetically attractive kiosk stands. A wide spectrum of inexpensive off-the-shelf tablet stands are available to address your environment and design requirements.Apps are available for i OS, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows 10. Updating Presto Station is as easy as updating an app. Presto eliminates the need for expensive embedded secure release firmware and per device fees. Fixed issue with distorted battery icon when on landscape charging page and when charge reaches 100%. Fixed ability to use NMEA depth for waypoints and tracks. Added ability to view multicolored satellites on the Satellite page. Fixed potential shutdown caused by altimeter calibration. Problems with this beta software may be reported to Montana [email protected] Fixed potential issue where waypoint averaging would not create a correct waypoint gpx file. Fixed issue where current geocache description review would reset to top after leaving page. Fixed issue where imported points from Garmin POI Loader would not alert user after a Profile change. Fixed possible shutdown caused by the Small Data Fields dashboard. Fixed potential shutdown caused by altimeter calibration.

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