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Access 2010 relies heavily on Microsoft Office Share Point Server (and Microsoft SQL Server), to make data, forms, and reports available to users over the intranet (or if set up properly, the internet).

Users with the full Microsoft Access client software, and security permission to create a new Share Point Server site, can create tables, forms, and reports in Access 2010, then "publish" the database to Share Point.

If you're already past the rookie stage and you want to delve deeper into the database modeling aspect, even before you start with Access, you might want to take a look at our Database design and SQL/My SQL language tutorial.

Many in the Postgre SQL community use Microsoft Access as a front-end to their Postgre SQL databases.

Unlike the traditional Access "client" forms, Access "web" forms rely on the new Access Data Macros to drive a web applications' behaviours.The MS Access 2010 web forms have a similar look and feel to normal Share Point pages, and you will need to design your web forms in MS Access 2010 separately from any client forms you want to display to users when they view your database using Access on their own machine.The formal name for the feature is "Access Services," but expect it to be replaced by something more descriptive and less "techie" in the years to come.For example, after updating a field, checking the data in another table for a specific condition before allowing the update to complete.In contract, Access 2007 and lower versions allow you to use a combination of macros and Visual Basic to control the behaviour of forms.

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