Updating multiple journals through semagic

I think blogging tools could become even better at handling blog entries like database entries (given the fact that it’s exactly what they are).One thing I notice with Semagic (not sure other standalone editors do the same thing) is that what’s put in the “category” field is added as categories (“filed under”) and tags (“tagged as”).What I do like about those standalone editors is that they allow for relatively easy management of archived entries.

This newest version runs fine on my i Pad 2 but I was unable to transfer backup file from 1.0.Been talking about Semagic and recent versions of Word Hadn’t used Semagic in quite a while and been recently more active on the Mac side of things. Typically, most blogging tools do work with Word blogs but I’ve had issues with those (like Flock) which fetch categories all the time because I use way too many categories on my main blog (I was using them like tags). It might have had to do with the fact that it doesn’t seem to do “spell as you type” (which I pretty much require).It may be possible that you need to edit multiple records.We can show an editable grid of data to the user and the user can easily edit multiple records.

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