Updating of security procedures policy

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The following surveys were added to the list of surveys that are considered to be approved: People Plan Survey, Healthy Minds Survey, Healthy Bodies Survey, National College Health Assessment, Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey, and the National Baccalaureate Graduate Outcomes Survey.) Sexual Violence Policy (New Policy. Currently, the Uof L has policies in place that pertain to sexual violence: Harassment and Discrimination Policy; Workplace Violence Policy; and the Non-Academic Offence provision in the academic Calendar.

This new policy aims to better identify resources and supports available to the University community, promote an “only with consent” campus culture, and demonstrate the Uof L’s commitment to addressing the issue of sexual violence on campus.

The Information Security Policy will serve as an overarching policy document to provide a high level overview of information security management within the University.

1.3 The Information Security Policy will be supplemented by a suite of policies, processes, standards and procedures that will set out the expectations for information security within the University, and will provide clear guidelines to staff, students and other users of University information assets of their responsibilities for appropriate use and safety of these assets, and their legal obligations to comply with related statutory requirements.

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