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Here are PDF files of the slides and the preprint with full references.

There are so many existing legal and technical requirements which specify UTC that nobody is going to consider any action which would result in the nonexistence of a time scale internationally recognized as UTC.

The file also contains a mapping from Windows time zone names to tzdb time zone IDs, primarily so that Noda Time can map the local time zone reported by to a tzdb time zone, and (from Noda Time 1.1 onwards) TZDB location data. In 1.1, a new file format was introduced, along with methods to read this format from any stream.

If you're not using 1.0, we strongly advise you to use the new format; support for the resource format will be removed in Noda Time 2.0.

These update packages are designed as a temporary workaround to give customers additional time to upgrade their VMware ESX servers to a supported version.

It should only be installed by customers who are absolutely not able to install the full patch by March 11." Is there anything you get from patching the OS (in regard to \*this* particular issue) that you don't get from just updating the OS's time zone info? Is there any reason ESX server would need to be restarted after updating the time zone info?

Note that if you are trying to keep your own database of cities and their timezones, you can NOT use the mysql.time_zone_name.

Noda Time comes with a version of the tz database (also known as the IANA Time Zone database, or zoneinfo or Olson database), which is now hosted by IANA.

But we can set the timezone of the server so when Rails, cron, scripts, etc run, they output more readable dates.All the guest OSes will be patched, but I'm not sure how the virtual BIOS clock is implemented, and whether it depends on the localtime settings that were in effect when vmware-serverd was started.columns are converted from the current time zone to UTC for storage, and from UTC to the current time zone for retrieval.Those changes result in offsets of an hour, not a second, and they are far less predictable than leap seconds.This code that handles leap seconds in a Unix system clock was written by Bradley White.

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In addition to the scheme described below in this page, the IETF has published RFC 7808 Time Zone Data Distribution Service (tzdist) which can also communicate leap seconds to computing devices.

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