Use ps3 online without updating

All the instructions and pertinent files are available at the source link.

The original page is in Spanish but you can read the translated instructions here.

Like my little brother purposely doing something just to annoy me.

Dengeki Bunko collection boasts a vast array of beloved characters who lend themselves flawlessly to this highly balanced, easy-to-learn, high-action 2D fighting game.

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Note that this page is part of a collection of secrets to various hardware.

XMBPD v0.70 * Added over 60 No-PSN pkgs (Thanks to @esc0rtd3w - Source1 Source2) * Updated the web MAN MOD, PSN Patch, prep NTFS and Mana Gun Z packages, added Gamepad Test v1.0.

* Added 10 "PSN not required" apps to the PSN category. Add : For PS2 and PS1 the main icon (aka 'ICON0') is loaded at the path of the game. Note : (1) It use the included Wide Screen pnach collection from PCSX2.

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