Validating a test to measure depth of vocabulary knowledge

This paper reviews the general practices, key issues, and research findings that pertain to WAF tests in four major areas, including the design features of WAF tests, conditions for test administration, scoring methods, and test-taker characteristics.

In each area, a set of variables is identified and described with relevant research findings also presented and discussed.

Around eight topics, the General Discussion section provides some suggestions and directions for the development of WAF tests and the use of them as research tools in the future.

This paper is hoped to help researchers become better aware that the results generated by a WAF test may vary depending on what specific design the test has, how it is administered and scored, and who the learners are, and consequently, make better decisions in their research that involves a WAF test.).

Defining vocabulary size in a numeric sense appears to make it “easily” assessable with learners demonstrating knowledge of form-meaning connections for a selected set of words that represent different frequency bands, such as in the case of the Vocabulary Levels Test (Nation ), there were two general approaches in the literature to the assessment of second language (L2) vocabulary depth.There is a fundamental problem with many, perhaps most, vocabulary tests which is rarely acknowledged.It’s not always clear what the problem is because intuition tells us that testing knowledge of a word should be easy and the result should be unambiguous; either one knows a word or does not.The results from the scores indicate that depth of vocabulary knowledge has a positive correlation with the comprehensive ability, and this predictive contribution becomes bigger with the increased level of the comprehensive ability. Depth of vocabulary knowledge: assessing its role in adults’ reading comprehension in English as a second language (Unpublished doctoral thesis). You may start a New Submission by clicking on “CLICK HERE”.Depth of vocabulary knowledge plays a fundamental role in these ESL learners’ comprehensive ability.(1), 1-10.

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Therefore, the issue of vocabulary assessment in the second language learning has become one of the great concerns of test developers.

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