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If the data doesn't satisfy the conditions you've set, Access won't accept the input value.

You don't have to catch anything later and correct it, so validation rules are more efficient than cleaning up after the fact.

Protecting the validity of your data is one of the most important tasks of a database developer.

To ensure that users enter accurate data, start at the foundation.

What this means is data validation, in order to be as successful as it can be, must be implemented at all parts that get the data, processes it and saves or prints the results.

Let's take the time and list those parts here and explain why they should be considered.

If so, then you're already well under way to grasping the full understand of just what data validation is all about.

Validation rules catch errors at the data entry level, so in effect, the mistakes never make it into your database.

To create the data validation rule, execute the following steps.

Input messages appear when the user selects the cell and tell the user what to enter.

If users ignore the input message and enter a number that is not valid, you can show them an error alert. Check 'Show error alert after invalid data is entered'.

You can use Excel's Go To Special feature to quickly select all cells with data validation.

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You can select validation options to ensure that data is entered into a field correctly.

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