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onclientclick event of button i need to validate the textbox value ( mm/dd/yyyy format) should be less than or equal to Current Date using Javascript.

validation using javascript when press on enter button.

There are no required external dependencies at all!

Though for the datetime and date validator to you need to specify a parse and format function and for that you most likely will want to use a library, is highly recommended.

How can I get what the user enter as the date to the second page as the current date? var Today=new Date("July 30, 2009"); var This Day=Date(); var This Month=Month() 1; var This Year=Full Year(); var Days Left=Xmas Days(Today); var Month Name=Month Txt(This Month); document.write("Today is " Month Name " " This Day " Hi, Thanks for ur approach,thats working fine.

To begin, create a new HTML document and add the very basic syntax for writing HTML and Javascript like so: If more that one of the requirements is not met, like both date and month is invalid, only the alert of the first invalid input argument will be shown and you will be focused to the input again.4.

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* Why do you feel you need to use Javascript in this case? As mentioned previously, the Data Validator step can help you with this a bit more easily.

provides a declarative way of validating javascript objects.

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