Validating the efficacy of neurofeedback for optimising performance

As your brainwaves are monitored moment to moment, they are rewarded for choosing more optimal patterns.Over several sessions, your brain will train itself to be better regulated. Trainees report alleviation of bothersome symptoms, greater sense of well-being and shifts from destructive thinking patterns.Neurofeedback or electroencephalographic operant conditioning (EEG-OC) is an EEG biofeedback technique used to train individuals to control or modify their cortical activity through learned self-regulation. Initially used for treating a variety of pathologies, neurofeedback has been employed more recently to improve the physical or cognitive performance of human beings. Electroencephalographic peak alpha frequency correlates of cognitive traits. Angelakis, E., Stathopoulou, S., Frymiare, J. • Gevensleben, H., Holl, B., Albrecht, B., Vogel, C., Schlamp, D., Kratz, O.

30 participants were shared equally between 3 groups: an experimental group that underwent 4 neurofeedback training sessions; a non-neurofeedback group trained at relaxation; and a ‘waiting list’ control group. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 23, 109 (abstract).

The efficacy of LENS neurofeedback treatment for ADHD: a doubleblind, randomized placebo controlled study on adults with ADHD. • Fuchs, T., Birbaumer, N., Lutzenberger, W., Gruzelier, J.

Neurofeedback Treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children: A comparison with methylphenidate. • Gevensleben, H., Holl, B., Albrecht, B., Schlamp, D., Kratz, O., Studer, P.

This audio disruption awakes your brain and brings it back into the present moment away from its dysregulation.

Over time – often within 10 sessions – your brain will become more efficient and fluid.

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