Verizon wireless updating towers

The principles cover both voice communications and data communications.

The problems are the same: It may sound simplistic, but solving these issues is really what the myriad of available products do.

It is available in all formats - PDF, i Books, Kindle, and print.

Disclosure: I gain nothing financially from this, but I did write a chapter on antennas that is included in the book. I recommend them on their merits alone, and my recommendations do change over time.

Yes, the lettering & numbers on these phones are way too small! If you are all lucky [LOL], you will all be in our shoes one day! They care about no one but themselves & call this phone the "Obama phone" when he had NOTHING to do with it!

Sad that everyone calls me their favorite Aunt, but no one has time for me. I live on 0 a month without any help except for my heating.

My city cares only for the millennials and Notre Dame...the street from me. I can barely get around, plus am blind in one eye & the other is not a lot better. I lost my eyesight in one eye this past year & now the other one seems to be fading.

We need phones with big letters or be able to use our voice to dial & send messages! Yes, there are many who begrudge us phone service to the outside world.....those who have it all.

Staying in touch with my family and friends and more. Some of the phones may have problems, but there is a solution. Apparently the FCC changed the rules for Lifeline effective Dec 2, 2016.

How far you go in resolving them usually is indicative of the price involved.

Simple solutions are usually the cheapest, but don't fully address the issues, while complex solutions cost more but provide better performance.

UPDATE for new & existing customers on the AT&T network: Trac Fone Wireless, Inc.

is very pleased to announce the return of Unlimited Data on GSM, no contract 30-day monthly plans.

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Existing customers will be upgraded to 4G LTE speeds on their next billing cycle.

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