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After you start Visual Studio Help Viewer and try to add/modify/remove offline content, the application appears to freeze (hang). The content change you requested will still happen, but you must end the process in the Task Manager and restart help Viewer to see the change.

Issue 1Visual C Intelli Sense requests may fail in sections of code in which multiple namespaces that are opened by a single macro expansion are active.

With the release of Visual Studio 2017, there have been questions on whether Visual Studio 2015 can be installed on the same machine.

It is currently possible to install the two side-by-side on the same machine successfully.

You can update a Visual Studio extension on your system by using Extensions and Updates to install the updated version.

To help prevent conflicts during development, we recommend that you uninstall earlier versions of extensions in progress, and also uninstall or disable any other potentially conflicting extensions.

We’ve released an update to Visual Studio 2017 and you can download it and start using it today.

If you create an updated version of an extension, you can signify it as updated by incrementing the version number in the VSIX manifest.

Updates are installed when the VSIX manifest of the incoming extension has the same values do not match, the package that is not yet installed is recognized as a separate extension.

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