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In doing so, this study examines factors that contribute to successful and unsuccessful entry into IVC.

The theoretical framework of this study is centered in Linells theory of understanding and misunderstanding in discourse.

Additional early studies examined the discourse of discussion boards, also referred to as asynchronous chat (Crystal, 2001), focusing on the structural and textual features of message postings (see Crystal, 2001, for a review), the socialization of new members into discussion communities (Surratt, 1996; Wellman & Gullia, 1999), and comparisons between discussion board communication and other mediums of communication (Etzione & Etzione, 1999; Herring, 1999; Burnett, 2000; Burnett & Buerkle, 2004; Crystal, 2001; Rosen, Woelfel, Krikorian, & Barnett, 2003).

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This study hopes to contribute to this fledgling area of CMC research by examining openings in IVC.

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