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A display screen or television is great for letting everyone in the room see the presentation (without having to huddle around a single laptop).A screen sharing solution lets the facilitator put their presentation up on the big screen – whether it be a Power Point presentation, document or You Tube video of their cat chasing its tail.Ideal for team meetings, common areas and on-the-fly collaboration A computer allows presentations or videos to be shared during the meeting, as well as connects your remote attendees with the conference room using Go To Meeting.An audio device ensures that remote attendees can hear the in-person participants, and vice versa.Any meeting place can become a video collaboration space.Logitech GROUP is as simple to use as a mobile phone and as affordable as an office chair.

Some room owners prefer that everyone who enters must have their web cam turned on.The base system is designed for meetings with up to 14 people in one room – optional expansion mics allow up to 20 people to collaborate.USB plug-and-play connectivity enables you to simply connect a laptop and start a video meeting.without registration, just enter nickname and start chatting Please Make sure that your webcam is activated before entering a chat room.Cam chat ohne registrierung geben Sie einfach nickname und loschatten Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Webcam vor dem Betreten eines Chatraum aktiviert wird.

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Ideal for 1:1 sessions or quick remote meetings A computer or mobile device running the Go To Meeting software brings all the remote attendees together.

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