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They told folks of their discovery in the towns where they settled, towns like San Bernardino and Pomona and Riverside.Many promised to return to the desert and search out the ship once more, maybe bring home its riches. Or an actual sea-going ship, somehow stranded in the dry sands, many miles from any body of water?Across Arizona and the California deserts, thousands of goldseekers and emigrants faithfully trod on foot and bumped along on mules and oxen-led wagons.

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But the living was good in Southern California and for most the urge to bake under a desert sun in search of hidden treasure lost its appeal with each balmy day in the state’s beautiful western valleys. LONGSHIPS AND CANOAS: WITNESSES AND LEGENDS In the early 1900s a prospector by the name of Butcherknife Ike stumbled into the Arnold family ranch near Hemet with a tale of a strange occurrence on a recent outing.

A few brave souls retraced their paths but could find nothing—the desert is tight-lipped and good at keeping secrets. Returning in early July from the Laguna Salada in Baja California, the blonde, blue-eyed roamer had been scouting around Split Mountain Canyon near present day Borrego Springs when he came to a place where a large sand dune sat in the middle of an otherwise flat arroyo.

Several have been restored to their mid-century retro-hip splendor.

Escape to the desert and choose decadent desert dens from the venerable Two Bunch Palms to clothing-optional Living Waters.

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