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Speed dating is what all those old paradigms from the '80s and '90s evolved into and has now established itself as the live dating event standard. You may also be interested in our blog post: What one Guardian writer thought of her first foray into the world of Speed Dating.

Speed dating is simply safer and more effective, especially when compared to online dating as there is no substitute for real, human, face-to-face introductions. Many friendships and other connections are borne from our events; it's a great social event where everyone just happens to be single and open to making new relationships - whatever that might lead to.

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Maksettuasi tuotteen/palvelun saat sähköpostiisi vahvistusviestin. Speed Dating on hauska ja helppo tapa tavata useita ihmisiä yhdessä tapahtumassa.

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Come along with an open mind, see what happens and put any doubts about booking your first event behind you; the common concern from 90% of first-time speed daters is the worry of coming alone and/or nerves - that's normal and pretty much everyone feels the same, but once you get started you'll realise that everyone's in a similar situation and the nerves will melt away. now we've let you in on this little secret, do you feel more relaxed?

…ist die ehrlichste Art sein Single-Leben gezielt aufzugeben, um einen passenden Partner für`s Leben zu finden.

Speed Dating Brasil no Programa Fantástico da Rede Globo No segundo episódio da série "Eles Decidem" Fernanda de 35 anos participa de um " Encontro Relâmpago" organizado pela Speed Dating Brasil em busca de um parceiro.

In a few weeks we are having the unveiling of the tombstone for my mother-in-law.

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