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But she wasn't the only one going out on a fashion ledge as Ace wore a customized tux with the lyrics of the song he and Diana wrote, , featured on it.

But that wasn't even the sweetest part as Diana was able to have her brother home from Afghanistan in order to walk her down the aisle.

' " Young says of the first time they disrobed in rehearsals.

"And I was like, 'Oh no, not at all.' But I was looking, and I was like -- sold!

'This was the best way to start the chapter of my life as Mrs. 'I'm over the moon with joy and happiness about our wonderful wedding.

Young, an alums Elliott Yamin and Michael Johns, will be treated to margarita beers, photo booths and a five-course meal.

The good-looking duo exchanged vows in front of about 250 guests at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in El Lay.

But they weren't the only there because Elliot Yamin, Michael Johns and Kevin Covais all showed up to celebrate the happy day.

He is known Neymar Junior because of his father, who is currently his agent.Details and attire aside, De Garmo and Young gushed to Us about the love they share for each other -- and why their love is forever.PHOTOS: Most stylish Idols ever "We’re kind of like the yin and yang," De Garmo reveals. And we’re also extremely quirky and that’s a side that a lot of people don’t know unless they know us."Right when we’re done, we look at each other and Diana goes, ' I think this one is…' and I said, ' I know.' It was done." PHOTOS: Idol makeovers The pair, who also wrote their own vows for the ceremony, told Us of other little details they did to make their big day memorable -- custom-made suits for the groomsmen, white cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, and not one, but two five-tier cakes from The Butter End in Santa Monica, Calif. Vanilla and Aunt Edie's Banana Chocolate Chip.As for the bride, De Garmo wore blue cowboy boots and a diamond-white Sareh Nouri designed dress.

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