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Though she was understandably ticked off, she decided not to tell anyone about her discovery just yet. Woods confronted her, left for two days," Aubrey added."Had I told anyone at the time, the group would have been over," she said. Woods would have never played after that, she would have come at [Dawn] real quick, especially after the type of vulgar disrespect that was being spoken. "She told us it was her boyfriend that had done it the whole time." "When we came back together [in 2014], we had hoped that a lot of the things in the past had changed, and they hadn't," Aubrey continued.They re-grouped last year, but fell apart after a violent fight between Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard.Now, Aubrey is speaking out about the band's volatile past with Dawn.The insider tells, “I heard the girls yelling at each other, and Aubrey called Dawn a slut.” Our tipster continued, “then all hell broke loose and there was a big commotion …I’m not sure what happened but I was frightened.” Since Danity Kane was formed, rumors of an inappropriate relationship between Diddy and Aubrey have been rampant.

This morning, Richard opened up about the incident to The Breakfast Club and explained that her breaking point had been met long before she closed her fist and swung.

"I walked in on them doing it, and I tried to confront them... "When something is poison, and you go into the studio and people are literally going behind your back and lying to you and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady, that's foul." In retrospect, Richard said DK was doomed from the moment it reunited without all of its original five members and pointed to pride as the ultimate catalyst to its undoing.

"The problem with Danity Kane is everybody wanted to play everybody's role, and when you're in a group like that, that can't survive -- everybody can't be Kobe [Bryant] on the team," she said.

Richards recalled that O'Day and Shannon Bex confronted her and claimed she was monopolizing the album's vocals, and that when they tried to secretly adjust tracks behind Richard's back, she lost her cool.

"They told me we had the studio the next day, and they went in the day before," she shared. It's my fault, their fault, everybody." "There is no excuse for my behavior..everybody gets pushed to a limit," she added.

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A Danity Kane recording sesh erupted in violence Monday ... We're told bandmates Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day got physical during a disagreement at an L. studio on Monday, resulting in Dawn slugging Aubrey in the head with a closed fist.

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