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He is not the most attractive of men physically, and is a chubby man from his young days.

He is known for his wicked smile, baldhead and thick eyebrows that give the expression of him being angry, although he is not.

Asner's character often went head-to-head with the newspaper's publisher, Margaret Pynchon, played by Nancy Marchand.

While the show had its share of lighter moments, it took on many important issues, including gun control and child abuse. The show was canceled in 1982, reportedly due to poor ratings, while some—including Asner—have speculated that the actor's activism may have influenced the decision to end the series.remained a critical success, winning the Emmy Award for outstanding drama series in both 19.

He eventually became the head of the WJM news department. For most of that period, Mary Richards served as his associate producer (later producer with he having the title of executive producer, though she reported to him), Ted Baxter as his news anchor and Murray Slaughter as his head writer.

Of these relationships, the one with Richards was likely the closest.

When he first interviewed Mary he liked her because she had spunk, even though he hated spunk.

He offered her the job of associate producer, which paid less than the secretarial position for which she'd initially interviewed, but more than what he said was the going rate for full producers.

Character wise, he is a good-natured person, good- tempered and humorous.

Louis "Lou" Grant is a fictional character played by Edward Asner in two television series produced by MTM Enterprises for CBS.

The first was The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970–1977), a half-hour light-hearted situation comedy in which the character was the news director at fictional television station WJM-TV.

"It may have worked in the show, and it got a great laugh, a very great laugh, but in real life, I love spunk," he says. I am sure Lou would have called it a crock of shit." The two actors remained friends through the years and would have fun when they got together for show reunions, but they did not talk on a regular basis, says Asner.

"She was tremendously talented and funny and beautiful," says Asner, letting out a deep sigh. She know how to laugh at herself, she really knew." Asner will watch an episode of his series and laugh at his friends when they come on, but he does not "hunt" for them on TV.

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For more than a decade, Asner delighted television audiences with his portrayal of the tough, grumbling, but ultimately lovable newsman Lou Grant. Army's Signal Corps in the early 1950s, Asner moved to New York to pursue an acting career.

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