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In 2014, he crosses paths with Detective Jo Martinez (de la Garza) as she investigates a subway crash that killed fifteen people—Henry included. However, the complete series was released to DVD as a part of the Warner Archive Collection in 2016.When he helps solve the case, she requests him as the M. There's another, sort-of long one at the end of the season finale when Jo comes to Henry and asks him to tell his story after finding a picture of Henry, Abigail, and Abe from the 1940s along with Henry's pocket watch lying on the ground, seemingly left behind.ITV’s new head of drama, Polly Hill, will oversee production.“I am so delighted to have arrived at ITV and to be working with Jack and Harry Williams on ,” said Hill, who previously served as BBC's drama chief.Lead director James Strong () will direct episodes four through six.

The pair moved to Hollywood where Gruffudd swiftly won a role in the big-budget superhero film The Fantastic Four.

‘We’d wanted a baby for a while and after it didn’t happen for us naturally we said, “Let’s take what science has to offer.” Luckily for us, it worked the first time so it wasn’t a long, hard struggle,’ he says.

On discovering Alice was pregnant, there was elation, ‘but that’s just the beginning of the journey,’ admits Ioan.

‘It’s quite a traumatic thing for Alice to have to leave Ella to go to work,’ he says, ‘so you can imagine how awful the phone call was when I had to tell her what had happened. But Ella’s fine now and she’ll be thrilled because her mum’s coming home tonight.’ Ella is Ioan and Alice’s only child.

The couple underwent IVF treatment three years ago in order to conceive.

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