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Garrett launched his music career in 1977 with such hit singles as "Surfin' U. A." and "Runaround Sue." The following year, he had his biggest song of his career, "I Was Made for Dancing." Garrett's most recent album is 2007's Singer and actor Leif Garrett was born on November 8, 1961, in Hollywood, California.He became one of the most popular teen idols of the 1970s.Apparently he was on his bike, but then a vehicle turned into him, and he fell off the motorcycle.Here's what a source had to say about it: Tags: accident, heroin posession, leif garrett, motorcycle accident, physical therapy, relapse At least he won't go to jail. 70s idol, Leif Garrett pled no contest this morning to heroin possession charges. Drew Pinsky include Jason Wahler, Janice Dickinson, Jeremy London, Rachel Uchitel, Leif Garrett, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis and Frankie Lons, singer Keyshia Cole's mother. We can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans Janice will be up to! As we reported, at least 19 are dead after an explosion went off at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, England. They replay the video and on the video Sara tries to correct Sharon about Leif living under a bridge but Sharon is adamant. Leif says that of course he doesn’t live under a bridge, he is not sure where Sharon gets her information. Finally, Sharon takes a breath and let’s Leif speak. You know you have to be careful you are given all of this money and all of this fame and adulation and it’s easy to get lost in that.” Sharon interrupts AGAIN to agree. Sharon says that he really screwed up his career when he had the accident and he injured that guy and it’s the same thing that Justin Bieber was doing you were both on drugs and you both messed up, and you messed up horribly, not intentionally, maybe if you had different people around you, at the time to give you better advice, you were a baby, you don’t remember this, you came to a party I through for Electric Light Orchestra, I met you at 17 years of age, you came into my home, you were a beautiful young man, you were so polite, but to watch the demise of a child, it has happened so much in this industry, but I was using that especially your accident you had.” Wow is this a chance for Leif to respond to Sharon, or for Sharon to just dig a deeper hole?She revealed: Tags: anglophilia, drugs, film flickers, frozen ground, high school musical, john cusack, leif garrett, nicolas cage, prostitute, quote, sex, vanessa hudgens 's Bob Forrest criticized Garrett for having a "cavalier and laissez-faire attitude toward alcohol" and other drugs which didn't sit well with the former teen idol."Dude, I'm taking percocet because I just got in a serious accident, " Garrett Tags: bob forrest, celebrity rehab, celebrity rehab revisited, demons, leif garrett, marijuana, rachel uchitel Things are NOT looking up for Leif!

Even today, we might not rewatch his movies, but we'd probably fuck him. Gael García Bernal Gael García Bernal and his unspeakably pretty face could have suffocated quietly in telenovelas. Ramón Novarro Lauded as the new Rudolph Valentino, Mexican actor Ramón Novarro subverted the trope of the distant, unattainable masculine love interest with his flashy romanticism in films like , our seats got wet.After my recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills my inbox was flooded with old ladies who apparently still bear a torch for Jimmy Mc Nichol. He ended up a drug addict and a drifter and even ended up on Celebrity Rehab one season. I haven’t watched The Talk in ages so my tolerance level for Sheryl Underwood is low again. Leif laughs and says “Oh Yeah, absolutely.” He says he needs to take inventory of his life and realize that it can all end. Sharon just has to have the last word and tell Leif she knows it took a lot of courage for him to come here. You can tell Leif thinks Sharon is a jackass, but he is very polite. They were furious with me to an extent for saying he wasn’t aging well, but even more furious at Kim Richards for “making it seem like he wanted to date her” because he is married to a beautiful woman and everything around is perfect in every way. Sorry, I should probably have just put them through for you guys to mock them. I am about to give you something TOTALLY ridiculous to mock ME about. She says she knows his internal struggles with the accident. Pictures of the 16-year-old star were often featured in fan magazines, such as (1978) featured more 1960s rock covers, including The Who’s “I Can’t Explain.” Moving to the Scotti Brothers record label, Garrett went for a more contemporary sound—disco.He scored his biggest hit to date with “I Was Made for Dancing” off of (1978).

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Neither actor aged especially well, but we'll always have, and his good looks and undeniable talent keep him among the ranks of contemporary sex symbols despite his best attempts to silly-art-project his fame away. Viggo Mortensen There's a reason the , we might remember Leonardo Di Caprio as we do Leif Garrett.

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