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The women, who used to be victims of this stuff or on the sidelines, are now at the rowdy, disheveled, foul-mouthed center of it all, and that just multiplies the highly agreeable possibilities for naughty nasty lunacy. They’re the lifelong screw-ups of their family, so when the time comes to plan their sister’s destination wedding at a resort in Hawaii, they’re ordered to find respectable dates to bring along, so that they don’t ruin the event by hitting on every woman there.Their search for companions, a nationwide “contest” that begins on You Tube and culminates in their appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” is based on the true-life antics of the Stangle brothers, who found 15 minutes of sleaze-fame by trolling for dates on Craigslist.What is, according to James Smith, the usual outcome of not following his advice?1) Having no dreams and goals.2) Losing friends.3) Feeling sorry in the end.He has always possessed and used his successful coaching/facilitating skills in these roles.It was a natural fit to take the next step of combining all his experience into a successful coaching practice.

When he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act it made him very popular with hardcore conservatives and Evangelists.

What of the following is NOT James Smith’s recommendation?

1) Ranging one’s goals2) Making a list of one’s goals.3) Sharing one’s goals with friends.

So far there are only two ways to get into space — you either have to be an astronaut or very rich.

Countries such as Russia and the USA have space programs, but you need to be highly qualified and very determined if you want to become an astronaut.

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