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39:1|218^ there is one up now! he got over this stage because of Amelia trapp, his new girl friend..

He met Mighty Boosh co-star, Julian Barratt, while performing a stand-up comedy gig at Hellfire Comedy Club in the Wycombe Swan theatre.

Barratt offered Fielding a place to perform, and the two became close friends.

They began performing in various pubs in April, 1998, as a double act which they hoped would be "the new Goodies".

Fielding's parents (who appear in The Mighty Boosh with him in the episodes Nanageddon and The Priest and the Beast) were in their late teens when he was born in 1973, and he recalls having a very liberal upbringing, always aware of his parents' eclectic taste in music and openness with drugs.

Mr Fielding was giving evidence at the High Court in the case of Jimmy Browne, his friend and a onetime bodyguard for the late Amy Winehouse, who claims he suffered a broken leg in the attack in Kentish Town in north London.

When he was asked if he struck out, the comedian who created and starred in cult television show The Mighty Boosh, replied: 'It was Kentish Town so there were quite a few brightly coloured people around'.

It was at this time that the pair choreographed the sword fight performed by Fielding and Barratt in the Mighty Boosh 2006 stage show.

Also he isn't a full-time smoker because he is only ocassionally seen with cigarettes. No He's Not, But It's Rumored That He Once Asked Dee To Marry Him Only To Be Turned Down Because She Wasn't Ready To Commit..=( They've Broken Up Now And He's In A Relationship With A Beautiful Woman Called Lliana Bird.

Noel And Lliana ♥Noel Fielding loves to shop at Top Shop.

Camden in the north west of london, you wont find his proper address as it is private information and he probably wouldn't want weird stalkers following him around and turning up at his house....

here is his fan mail address: Noel Fielding PBJ Management 7 Soho Street London W1D 3DQ UK i wro…I would love this jacket so much. Noel designs most of his clothes, and either helps make them or gets someone else to make them. He is very caring, and thoughtful of others and their feelings. He likes making people happy, and that is surely the ultimate display of kindness.there were rumours of him dating Pixie Geldof a couple months back, robots in disguise were at a mighty boosh gig....

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Noel Fielding created and starred in cult television show The Mighty Boosh and is pictured with Julian Barratt (left) who starred as Moon.

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