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East Enders actress Pam St Clement has opened up about her bisexuality, and cheating on her husband with a woman.The bisexual soap star, who played Pat Butcher on the long-running show until 2012, revealed details of her usually closely-guarded private life in her new autobiography. The cranky canine has also been accused of head-butting a housekeeper in the gut and biting Anthony’s personal assistant. “I will go to court to defend Floyd’s honor,” Robinson said at the time. Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, who owned Floyd from November 2005 to March 2007, settled a federal lawsuit filed by a flight attendant who said she was pounced on. “And if they don’t want him to get put down, they should put him in a place where he can’t harm others.” Robinson and Snyder could not be reached for comment at their apartment, where a building worker praised Floyd as a good dog who’s “never been any trouble.” In a November interview with the Daily News, Robinson hailed Floyd as “the biggest, sweetest baby” and allowed her daughter to pose for pictures with the pooch.Here’s our highly scientific (and obviously, based in actual rumoured fact) guide to the best are-they-or-aren’t-they lot EVER. Pam St Clement Better dressed than 98 per cent of women who frequent the Candy Bar, Pat Butcher is THE Grande Dame of rumoured celesbigays. Cool, calm and with a nice taste in blazers, we’d like to see an at home spread with the pair of them in heat. No-one’s actually sure when Pam’s transformation into Queen Lez actually happened, but that’s irrelevant. "I think 'annoyed' probably is not the right word," she explained to presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones."I was disappointed.

However, having returned at various points over the years, her time in Albert Square is officially over.

She said: “I fell for an attractive woman who was intelligent, witty and fun to be with.

Diana and I settled into a happy and stable ­relationship.

It was a time of discovery and abandon, of excitement and freedom. “That month in Sydney went all too quickly and we were soon saying our farewells at the airport with promises of reunions back in the UK.

I nearly missed the plane, I was so bereft at leaving.” The star later split from her husband – and found herself in a relationship with another woman.

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