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I recently came to the realization that I start all of my posts with “Hey Guys.” I’m not really opposed to it, but it looks a little weird on the front page here that all posts start with that and a couple lines of empty space, right? I’ve been getting a TON of questions emailed in, which I appreciate so much.I really truly will try to answer as many as I can, but please forgive me if I don’t get to yours.” Since this ended up kind of long, I’m going to try to organize it and chop it up for you.Below I’ll cover: Many of the stories I got made so glad that I asked for questions because there are people who I feel are poised to make a poor decision that will have a major effect on their life.Especially when the couple coolly walked out at the end of two nights of gambling that had seen a staggering £106 million won and lost at various times.In the end, they had made £7.7 million at James Bond's favourite card game.And they didn't come much more high-rolling than Phil Ivey, regarded as the world's greatest poker player.

He would play with his co-workers during breaks and after work. He later moved on to the European Poker Masters, making it to the final table and winning seventh place with a cash prize of ,538.

Last year, Borgata sued Ivey and his partner, Cheng Yin Sun, alleging that over several visits in 2012, the pair used a manufacturer’s defect in the cards to gain an unfair and illegal advantage during baccarat games.

As a result, Ivey walked away with nearly million.

But why then was she the one talking to their female dealer in Mandarin Chinese, persuading her to oblige her friend's extreme superstitiousness with all manner of harmless little changes to the high stakes game of baccarat he was playing.

Some might have been suspicious, but casinos love the so-called 'high-rollers' willing to gamble millions in a single session.

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To date Phil has earned over $19,500,000 in live tournaments. His luck changed for a while and he lost several times at the World Poker Tour, but later ended up with the first prize of $1,596,100 at the L. He has also appeared on the NBC television show, Poker After Dark, where he walked away with $120,000, at the Winner Take All "Earphones Please" Tournament, but was defeated by Don Cheadle in the "National Heads Up Poker Championship." He has also appeared on GSN's High Stakes Poker.

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