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The group went on to release Long Player and A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... Their last LP, titled Ooh La La, was released in 1973. During my 30 years with a Rolling Stone, I saw and did things that would make your mother wince – and mine.At just 36, she is three decades her husband’s junior, but in the words of Ronnie’s stepson Jamie, she is “no groupie – I can assure you of that”.A theatre producer with her own production company based at the Ambassador’s in the West End, she is currently working on a musical about the teen magazine Jackie, and when she’s not doing that, she is at the Roundhouse in north London, working on a scheme to help underprivileged children get in to the arts.The band released two albums, Truth and Beck-Ola, which became moderate successes.

I said I made gorgeous organic beauty products but then worried that he might think I was trying to flog them to him. Get me out of here.’ He then started on about his ex-wife and how she’d taken all his money. I’ve actually met some lovely men alongside all the oddballs, but I haven’t come across the person who blows me away and who I can’t live without. I’ve lived a rock ’n’ roll lifestyle to the full – crazy nights, parties that lasted for days, wild tours. But that was before I entered the weird, wonderful – and at times wacky – world of dating for the over-50s. Take the incorrigible bottom groper I met on my first date, or the Rolling Stones fan who only wanted to talk about my ex.After all, there’s no longer any shame in using a dating agency.Neighbours reportedly claimed that the pair was "screaming abuse at each other", with Miss Ivanova at one point heard yelling "I'm going to kill myself…you’re going to find me dead" after he told her she could not accompany him to dinner.

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