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We don’t often here a ton from Shia La Beouf, but La Beouf recently shared his outlook after marrying Mia Goth, and we’re genuinely super intrigued.We’ve all heard the idea that once you tie the knot, nothing will ever be the same.He has made claims he was raped during his performance. It was an '86 Volvo that I got for 500 bucks, and then wound up throwing ,000 into the stereo system and put TVs in the foot rests.He also walked onto the red carpet wearing a bag on his head. My dad was on drugs and my dad was at the VA Hospital, my dad was off in his own world selling drugs or using them or there would be crack heads in the house or whatever it would be. If you asked an 18-year-old what they want to do with their life, and the options are 'Transformers' or Lars von Trier, he's probably shipping out for 'Transformers.' If you ask a 26-year-old what he wants to do, 'Transformers' or Lars von Trier, he'd probably pick Lars von Trier. It was the most ridiculous Volvo you'd ever seen, but I had never had money before and I was out of my mind.During an interview with Associated Press, Shia Labeouf revealed that Man Down was a therapeutic experience for him."He came to my house when I was in a really low place and offered it to me like therapy, like 'here's a healing process so we can » - Movie Web In Dito Montiel’s latest film Man Down, Shia Labeouf plays a U. Marine, Gabriel Drummer, discharged after a catastrophic error in Afghanistan scars him with Ptsd.Gary Oldman plays a military psychiatrist who helps him to unravel what went wrong. S., he finds his country reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and must find his wife (Kate Mara) and son (Charlie Shotwell) amongst the rubble.

His breakthrough performance was in the thriller “Disturbia”.I was always raised on cowboy films, and then when I could start making choices about the movies I wanted to watch I found myself wanting to watch gangster films which were slightly more sophisticated than the baseline stuff that was in westerns. I've never really thought of myself that way, and it doesn't matter to me. Dustin Hoffman is a flawed-looking man he's amazing to me. Now my dad is with me, traveling with me and a big part of this whole thing is I like to mix it up a little bit, you know.Who gets to take their father on a private jet across the country and stay in first class hotels?In 2007, La Beouf starred as the lead in the commercially successful films, Disturbia and Transformers.His other films include Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011).

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  1. The hope is that my two young daughters will read it some day, and become immune to these antics. All it takes is a witty remark or flirty jesting to make a girl smile and break down any defensive shields around her heart.