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cemented Thomas Brodie-Sangster forever in the minds of the nation as the world's youngest heartbreaker, unfortunate enough to experience the total agony of falling in love.

But in case you didn't realise how fast time passes, here's a reminder - Thomas is now 24 years old, enjoys and is in love for real.

The British actor, a second cousin of Hugh Grant – with whom he starred in the movie – had something of a height advantage over his girlfriend, and he towered over her as they walked past the Circle club on 41st Street.

Dressed in a fleece lined leather jacket, jeans and scuffed hobnail boots, Sangster was an innocuous sight during his latest outing – but eagle-eyed fans are more likely to recognise him for his latest role in Game Of Thrones.

“And when you’re wanting to be seen by girls in a certain way!

It’s good have good people around you, friends and family who keep you grounded and who remind you of who you really are.

Whether they’re being serious or super silly, the process is just great.

This totally applies to Thomas Brodie-Sangster, of the box-office sensation you know, the amazing show that has totally taken over everything).

Film sets are very odd as well, this group of people that are only together for a certain amount of time and you really bond tight with the crew and the cast and then you just disappear and you kind of don’t see every one again.Click through, then let us know which facts you love the most. "Dylan and Thomas were doing a scene and they’re sitting on a log next to each other and on one of the takes they made a bet to see if they could kiss each other on camera," Blake tells us."No one knew what they were talking about while they were rolling and they almost kissed, but Dylan chickened out.You have to find a link to yourself, otherwise it's not very real. We both have quite a relaxed attitude towards life, he doesn't let too many things bother him or get to him, I think I have that as well. We all bought BB guns and would just shoot each other 'til 5 o'clock in the morning. He'd pretend to be our publicist so we could go out in New Orleans at the weekend. Silly stuff, fun stuff, it was like boarding school. How did it feel to have a part in cult TV show, , which is a six part BBC drama all about Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII, which is another completely different thing, which is why I love doing what I do, it kind of throws you about.

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Sorry, I got a little excited because I’m a huge fan.

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