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The job has now been taken over by an exclusive set of networks whose mission is to bring couples together.

The new age matchmakers — such as FL, Floh, Sirf Coffee (SC) and Twoly Madly Deeply (TMD) — perform the role of old barbers and matrimonial agencies.

Afterwards, Cilla shouts, "Lorra lorra lorra new hat?

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Chances of getting laid: high, but you'll be too drunk to remember it the next day. If you have to choose one of three strangers only by asking them banal questions to which they respond in tortuous wordplay, so be it. You arrange your face into an expression which you hope won't betray either disappointment or arousal when a backstage minion cranks away the screen to reveal..wild card wearing a tam o'shanter and lederhosen. Should have gone for the boring option rather than being swayed by the whoops of the audience.

You choose an exciting date from Cilla's handful of envelopes - will it be skiing in Switzerland? Definitely not if you're one of the geriatric couples; you're going on a date on a steam train, grandma!

'It's like if you went and saw the interview you did for your first job. I literally turned the thing off, went into the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and went: "Jesus, is that even the same guy?

Kent Speed Dating is building a satisfied network of clients, situated in and around Ashford.

Speed dating events, wine tasting, singles parties and dinners in over 30 areas throughout England, Also Dat...

What you're missing: Imagine you're a witch and your coven is awaiting delivery of a sacrificial goat, only instead of a goat it's a cocky young man, and instead of ritualistic chanting there is lightly saucy badinage.

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  1. If you can find a way to make those things happen though, oh, will he be loved. Knowing there are certain conversation topics that are off limits because if you brought them up, he'd freak out and combust into a pile of nerves.