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While we don’t always need huge, extravagant gifts, we all like to feel that we are loved and cared about. When you are growing up, it is hard to imagine that shortly after graduating from high school, you will probably know people who are planning weddings. First, it starts with the girl you sat next to in home...

There comes a point in a developing relationship when you have to make a choice.

She informed my listeners as to how to sort through their potential mate’s baggage to determine how much baggage is too much. I have heard only great things from anyone who’s read her book.

I highly recommend Cija to anyone who wants to clean up their past and be the best version of themselves in order to attract the love of their life. Sandy Weiner is a world renowned dating coach & host of Last First Date Radio.

Cija was one of my favorite guests on my radio show, Last First Date Radio ( ).

She gave practical advice on how to sort through your baggage to become your best self and have your best relationship.

Be Independent and Give Him Space Have your own life.

Hollywood beautifies sex via smooth love scenes and impossible to reenact porn.

Most of anything sexual seen on TV is not very realistic to expect in the real bedroom.

Cija is an insightful coach that takes time to understand your situation and give you specific steps to improve your both your personal and professional relationships.

I highly recommend working with Cija to learn how to navigate relationships successfully online and offline.

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