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Although the fandom remains entertained by numerous hit songs, such as “Cheer Up” by Twice, “I Like That” by Sistar, and “Fire Truck” by NCT 127, the bonds that hold K-pop idol groups together are apparent not that strong.

Hyun-Ji then meets exorcist Park Bong-Pal (Taec Yeon).

Following the release, he embarked on his first headlining world tour.

Despite limitations in media coverage and promotional activities caused by a ban in the Entertainment Departments of South Korea's three main terrestrial broadcasters resulting from SM Entertainment's interference, Kim's first and second studio album reached top two on the Gaon albums chart in South Korea, as well as reaching number-ten and number-five on the Billboard World Albums chart for Tarantallegra and Incredible, respectively.

The reason I watch this was because after reading the synopsis, i was curious how the human and the ghost will end up.

I am glad you joined 2D1N and get along really well with the hyungs & maknae ... thank you for being my inspiration, i really admire you. I have to travel across the pacific ocean to meat you... hope this made you smile \( I like your cute smile soo much. You are so funny cute Handsom person I have ever girlfriend may be lucky person in this world. I hope to see him more in dramas and movies specially now that he finished his military service. but of course i love you more as you yoon si-yoon/yoon dong-gu yourself in 2days 1night!

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