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Initial reports on this incident by CJes Entertainment claimed that Lee, the first woman who filed a report against Yoochun claiming that she was raped, requested a settlement fee of 1 billion Won later lowering it to 500 million Won.Park Yoochun is a popular singer-songwriter and actor, born on the 4th of June, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea from a wealthy family.Actor Seo Ha Joon is suspected of being the victim of a leak of a masturbation video.While I joked recently about Eunji of A Pink ending Seo Ha Joon’s career on ‘Video Star‘, boy I don’t think anybody saw this coming.On the 20th, a representative from the Gangnam police told the media, "It's our policy to confirm whether the accused kept the alleged victims captive in any of the bathrooms at the site of the scene.""At the heart of the accusation is the matter of aggravated confinement, which which will be confirmed in later examinations."According to statute 278 of the penal code, those who arrest and imprison another party and commit cruel acts upon them can be sentenced to more than 7 years of imprisonment and charged with criminal intent.Presently, the police are increasing their task force for the case from 6 members to 12, and are ramping up their investigations after the evidence the first victim submitted came back positive for male DNA.Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun's legal counsel submitted a complaint at the Gangnam Police Station against the plaintiff.On the 19th, CJe S stated, "We have evidence that Park Yoo Chun did not commit these crimes"; and "This evidence, along with the complaint we'll file on the 20th, will serve as proof of his innocence," referring to their intent to charge the 4 women for libel.

[ 69, -18] His d*ck is sup~~~~~~~er big and pretty. [ 54, -6] So many of the male co-stars of Jin Se Yeon end up getting into scandals. [ 29, -1] It’s undeniable it’s him, especially the bracelet and necklace 10. Then it’s whatever, and the guy deserves to be defended.They said that while they had limits due to their employment at the adult entertainment establishment, they tried to resist as much as they could.Some testified that Park Yoochun forced them to their knees with his hands on their shoulders.He finished his High School in Virgina, United States and came back alone to South Korea in 2003.He won in a singing competition in the US and then joined SM Entertainment.

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All the aforementioned news of members leaving their respective K-pop groups or K-pop groups disbanding happened within the first half of 2016.

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