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You Tube noted that that Restricted Mode, which is off by default, was an “optional feature used by a very small subset of users,” and that it was intended to “filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience.” Some users also noted that a handful of pop videos — including songs by Taylor Swift — were also removed from view in Restricted Mode, leading some to question whether the algorithm that flags videos for removal needed to be tweaked.

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ voices on our platform,” You Tube’s statement read.

Prior to the announcement, You Tube boasted that the event would "showcase a new way to experience the TV content you love."The long-anticipated new service will offer live television content from more than 40 TV networks—including all four of the major broadcast networks as well as a number of cable channels—for a monthly fee of .

The company did not announce a specific release date for You Tube TV, saying only that the service will be available "soon in the largest U. markets" before expanding coverage to the rest of the country.

British You Tuber Rowan Ellis was one of the first to address the concern in a video posted on Thursday, leading many other personalities to check into their own backlog, discovering that videos on a range of topics were removed.

You Tube said that the mode was designed to filter out “mature” content, but the approach seemed to be scattershot in relation to LGBTQ users’ videos.

What = "Home [You Tube Channel]": As you can see below, every You Tube channel’s title is "Home" by default unless you are citing one of the other tabs (Videos, Playlists, Channels, Discussion, About) on the channel.

"Younger generations want to consume TV the way that they’re used to watching TV online, live and on-demand," Wojcicki said.

And Hulu—which is owned jointly by media giants and network owners Comcast, Time Warner, Walt Disney, and 21st Century Fox—has its own forthcoming live-TV streaming service that is also expected to launch sometime this year.

Like its streaming rivals, You Tube TV offers a limited selection of television channels at a price that's cheaper than a cable subscription.

You Tube is officially jumping into the live-streaming television fray with a new subscription service called You Tube TV.

The Google-owned streaming video company previewed You Tube TV during a press event held at You Tube's Los Angeles facility (and live-streamed to press in New York City and San Francisco) on Tuesday afternoon.

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Without the most up-to-date version of your browser, you’ll still be able to watch You Tube videos, but you may have problems using You Tube’s newer features.

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