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Sorry if there are any mistakes, I didn't really understand him either x D Here's the translation for Takaki's JUMPaper on 12/10/09. I’m a 25-year-old American woman, and my husband is Yuya, a 27-year-old Japanese man.” and thus began Yuya’s year-long journey to faith in Christ.There's this local program in Hokkaido called U-gata Terebi, and they featured a gossip which according to them could not be broadcast in Tokyo.

Kokubun married a woman he was dating for 7 years, an employee of TBS.(Unfortunately, I can't access the link.)She said, "Please DO NOT share my pics. I'll never upload pics again until you delete your post completely."I'm sorry about this.Cos, I got this from someone in LJ and she didn't tell me anything about the writing above. Hello, I don't remember seeing the translation for this, so I decided to try my hand at translating it.My Japanese major required a year studying abroad in Japan, so I came to Kyoto in 2010 to the same university where Yuya was getting his master’s degree.Yuya grew up in a typical non-Christian Japanese family.

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